Points to Discover About Immigration and Customs Enforcement

There are several law enforcement agencies in the country under the Federal Government and the largest one is immigration and Customs enforcement which you should learn about. The role of the ICE is to make sure all customs and immigration laws are enforced both at the border and in the country. You never know what situation requires services from the immigration and Customs enforcement agency which is why you have to understand their functions and how it affects your day-to-day activities.

Different problems were going on at the border which is why the immigration and Customs enforcement agency was created in 2003 as part of the department of homeland security. Multiple people are employed under the immigration and Customs enforcement agency and they operate in at least 400 States cities or at times in other countries. The agency is important when it comes to conducting different operations either internally or externally towards the enforcement of federal law.

The role of the agency varies but they deal with illegal populations and make sure the borders are free from drugs and illegal substances here. Living as an immigrant can be difficult especially when you don’t have the right paperwork but legal representatives are available to help you with the process. A lot of work and Resources go into targeting and arresting human traffickers which is why the ICE is filled with a lot of work.

If anyone is found living in the country illegally then the agency is allowed to deport them but they must have a warrant issued by a judge. You learn more about the immigration and Customs agency when you speak to enable people that have used their services but make sure they provide honest testimonials. Immigrants arrested by the immigration and Customs agency can only be withheld under their custody for 48 hours before they are released plus it allows discussions for your immigration Bond.

If you are arrested by the immigration and Customs agents then you have to understand what criteria they use and collaborate with a lawyer to make sure your rights are protected. If you don’t know how immigration bail bonds work then you can view here for more details about the process you should use when you don’t want to be detained. Anyone interested in these immigration bail bonds has to do their research to identify companies with positive reputations and track record.

Use this website to see what the ICE looks at when dealing with individuals with dual citizenship but all immigrants have to deal with the agency. Getting prepared for the interview is important because they have to confirm that you have used the right process to gain entry into the country now!